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March 6, 2017
Detoxification Part 1
July 16, 2017
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I have been WICKED……Forgive me! Part 1

A few weeks ago, I noticed some body rash at the back of my 9yr old son. He also ran a bit of temperature. I decided not to take chances, so I took him to the hospital.

On getting to the hospital, we showed our insurance card at the reception desk and we were told my son didn’t have a file. I almost got upset until i realized it was because i hadn’t brought him to that hospital before…..anyways, he got a file and got registered.

My mind did a quick flip. We had chosen to use that hospital via our HMO and renewed for 3yrs and my son had not been there once…..wow! No malaria, no typhoid. 3yrs!

What was different? Was it the every saturday morning routine of 1 capful of Ruzu Bitters for close to 3yrs now? Even my daughter had been to the hospital once after 2yrs. That must have been it!

As I wondered at this, I compared notes with a sister of mine who has 2 daughters and had close to the same story. Wow! There is something in this God’s natural gift to the world! (Temitope)

MALARIA is the No 1 KILLER health condition in Nigeria. Our Children deserve to be Malaria-FREE!

I have been chopping this amazing gift alone. I apologize. I want a few people to have this experience as well! I have a bottle of RUZU Bitters each FREE for 3 friends who have children and would love to have infrequent hospital/pharmacy visits. First come first serve.

Just holla me and get a FREE bottle.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Moses Akinfe
Whatsapp: 08086087599

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