Helping Lives Opportunity with Ruzu Products

Looking for Opportunity?

Many of us have goals of creating extra income this year 2017. Have you found what to do yet? Yes there are loads of opportunities out there, ranging from unbelievable to ridiculous. There are however a number of legitimate opportunities out there. Opportunities that will help you earn, help you learn and help you grow.
You'll need some start up capital for this, you can start with as small as N24,000 or if you are really driven and resourceful, you can participate in millions. The good thing is, you have nothing to lose. What marks this opportunity out from all others that seem like it is the possibly of LOSS. While you can lose your money in many others, here, you can't lose. Even if you don't succeed, you lose nothing. If you succeed however, you can from this opportunity get your dream house.
PLEASE NOTE!! To earn good and exciting long term income requires work. Even though it will become passive later, it will start as active income. Entrepreneurs are not as proud as employees, to succeed, you will need to be honest with yourself, and real with yourself, you will learn to stoop to conquer.


There are 2 Options of benefiting from A2W Business Opportunity. Options A and B. Option A is for those who wants to drive the business in a big way.

To get into this plan you need to come in with one of these Starter Pack (SP) plans.

A. SP Intro Elite - N150,000 (6 bottles of Ruzu Black for Men, 12 x 60 Ruzu Capsules, 2 x bottles of Ruzu (200ml), 2 entries into HL and 1 Entry into Home Plan)

B. SP Classic Elite - N300,000 (24 bottles of Ruzu Black for Men, 12 x 60 Ruzu Capsules, 3 x bottles of Ruzu (200ml), 1 entries into HL and 3 Entries into Home Plan)

C. Sp Premium Elite - N550,000 (36 bottles of Ruzu Black for Men, 24 x 60 Ruzu Capsules, 24 x bottles of Ruzu (200ml), 1 entries into HL and 7 Entries into Home Plan)

Once you come in with these, you will need to understand how the plan works, follow it, and you'll be on your way to earning life changing income, earn travel, cars and own a House.
We have run with this idea for about a year now, and have created the following records.

Option B - Helping Lives

Truth is majority of people we encounter daily needs help finacially, so the company created an opportunity that will enable thm to earn as they go.

This is called EAYG(Earn As You Go). For every payment made into your team after your initial registration, there is an instant reward to be earned.

In building your team, you move from feeder level to Level 1, to Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. This gives you opportunity to earn 1million naira after completing Level 4.

You can Register with any of these:
HL SP (Starter Pack): N8,000 Option 1: 1 x box of Ruzu Tea (20 tea-bags) Option 2: 1 x Ruzu Black Option 3: 1 x Ruzu Capsules + 1 x 200mls Ruzu Bitters Option 4: 1 x Ruzu Bitters (3 x 200mls or 1, 500mls and 200mls) 1 x HL Voucher N2,000 to sponsor N100 each to 5 further uplines
2. HL 3-Pack SP (Starter Pack): N24,000 1 x box of Ruzu Tea + I x Ruzu Black + 1 x 60 Ruzu Capsules + 1 x 200mls Ruzu Bitters 3-Pack HL Voucher N6,000 to sponsor N300 each to 5 further uplines

Note: If it is to be, it is up to me. The Future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams. Do you have DREAMS?


What's the N50,000 for? The N50,000 gives you access to 1 Power Pack:.

  • 12 bottles of Ruzu
  • 4 Ruzu Balm
  • 4 Ruzu Skin Care
  • 4 Ruzu Herbal Soap
  • A 4*3 power pack voucher to create positions for your 4 team members.

Your sponsor is also expected to give you some sample products as well as sign you up through their own power pack.

**Please note that these products are only available in this quantity because the company is running a promotion. The Power Pack contents are subject to change.


Once you pay the N50,000, you'll get registered under the person that introduced you, and can organize pick up for your products.

Once you introduce 4 people who do the same as you, you register them under and give them some sample products. You earn N40,000 as cash back. This is breakeven as you are left with products of good value for personal use.

Once your 4 people do the same thing you did quickly, you'll be ripe to earn N30,000 (N10,000 times 3) in the Helping Lives Matrix. As well as N16,000 matching bonus.

Once the 4 of your 4 do the same thing quickly to get their cash back, you will earn N105,000 (N35,000 times 3). This as well as an additional N64,000 cash back.

Once the next generation does their 4 quickly, you will earn N207,000 (N69,000 three times) as well as a matching bonus of N256,000

Once the next generation of sign ups do the same thing quickly enough you get to earn N3,000,000 (N1,000,000 times 3). If they do it slowly you'll still earn the same amounts, but it may not all come at the same time. At this point your matching bonus from the power pack should be up to N1m+
In order to sustain these income flows at these levels, you are required to buy 2 bottles of Ruzu monthly as repurchase. Or any of the other repurchase options available.
This stream of income would go on to earn all the incomes levels multiple times as each progress gives you new entries in the feeder that allow you to earn afresh in each level again as well.
NOTE: You are not likely to understand all of these to start. It's going to be a learning opportunity. One thing however is sure, you cannot lose. First you get products worth the value placed to get them, and secondly once you get your first 4 people you are at break even.