Frequently Asked Questions.

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1What is Ruzu Bitters?
Ruzu Bitters is an amazing herbal wonder! It combines 3 key herbs, and a few secret ones to keep the patency off the limit of those who may access the formula to copy it. Ruzu Bitters is not just another supplement, it's curative and preventive mixture! It's not a 60 day trial product, the effects can be seen in under 24hrs. Ruzu Bitters is different from all other bitters in that it's 100% natural, no additives and not artificial preservatives. All the extraction materials are all natural. It's nature's pure miracle!
2Where is Ruzu Bitters Manufactured?
Ruzu Bitters is proudly made in Nigeria, formulated from native plant of southern and western parts of Nigeria after several years of research.
3What are the compositions of Ruzu Bitters?
The Ruzu Herbal Bitter consists of 3 key elements: The Uvaria Chamae (also known as bush banana) 20% Curgulico Pilosa (also known as squirrel groundnut) 40% Colocythis citrullus (also referred to as bitter apple, desert gourd or egusi) 40% These herbs grow in different parts of the world in commercial quantity and has been produced and marketed for 8yrs with remarkable results and testimonies.
4Is Ruzu Bitters registered by Nafdac?
Yes Ruzu bitters is registered by Nafdac, With Nafdac Registration Number: A7-1102L
5What can Ruzu Bitters work for?
  • Diabetes
  • Weak Erection
  • Typhoid and Malaria
  • Vaginal Discharge
  • Menstruation anomalies
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Waist, Back and Pains
  • Fibroid
  • Infertility (Male and Female)
  • Gonorrhea
  • Staphylococcus
  • Syphilis
  • Pile
  • Worm
  • Obesity
  • Stomach Troubles
  • Detoxifies the Kidney and Tones the Liver.
  • Rashes
  • Cough
  • Arthritis
  • Hair growth
  • Weight-loss
  • Stroke
. . . and so much more! Ruzu Bitters has recorded and is still recording testimonials everyday!!!
6Does Ruzu Bitters have side effects?
Ruzu bitters has no side effects as its compositions are 100% natural with no additives.
7Does this Ruzu help prostate cancer patients?
Ruzu helps cancer patients. Even pharmacists are confirming that. Cancers are usually oxidative stress related. Ruzu douses oxidative stress and repairs cells. The answer to your question is YES
8How long will the cancer patient have to take it before seeing positively changes?
The person should take two - four tablespoons twice daily. If the laxative effect of ruzu is not too much for the person, he/she should not take less than three tablespoons twice daily. As for how long it will take to get result, it depends on the condition and the person. People respond to drugs differently. Notice we are talking about cancer here, not headache. However, associated pains and discomfort should significantly subside in one or two weeks. For an appreciable inhibition of the proliferation of cancer cells, this person should NOT be talking about how soon. He/she will be on Ruzu for quite a while if not ad infinitum. He/she will however see reasons to continue taking Ruzu in a week or two of constantly taking it.
9I sold Ruzu to someone who complained of seeing blood in her stool. What do we do now?
Check if your client is not an ulcer patient. If he/she is, advice him/her to always take a glass of water immediately before and after taking Ruzu. If he/she is not an ulcer patient, he/she is most likely overdosing on Ruzu. Reduce the dose and or frequency of dosage to once daily.
10What is the effect of Ruzu on Fibroid at early stage and advanced stage?
To answer this question with all the details required requires that a research designed to focus on this is carried out. However, from the understanding of fibroid and the mechanism of action of Ruzu, a possible answer may be proffered. Fibroid is a benign growth, an example of normal cells growing abnormally, a condition which has a correlation with oxidative stress that Ruzu deals with. The fact that Ruzu can maintain and repair cells reduces the chances that fibroid will survive. Back to the question, I expect that Ruzu would first arrest oxidants in the physiological environment of the fibroid and subsequently help the cells to either begin to respect endogenous regulatory mechanisms and stop uncontrolled proliferation or induce the immune system to mop up the fibroid cells. Remember that Ruzu is also an immune booster. The time frame for each of these phases would differ in different persons though.
11How should a boy of 12 years +  take RUZU? he was diagnosed of a kidney issue(swelling of d face) Can Ruzu Cure this ailment? And what duration?
Ruzu WILL help the boy's kidney issue. A twelve year old boy should weigh around 30-40kg. He could use a tablespoon once every other day. Let's get the report of medical re-examination after 2-4 wks of taking ruzu to know how to move on.
12Is the Ruzu Capsule ready for the market? Hope it will not sacrifice efficacy for convenience?
I have sold tens of cartons of Ruzu capsule. It's been in the market for many months now. Its efficacy is not short of that of the liquid
13There are a lot of bitters e.g. Swedish Bitters, Living Bitters, Yoyo Bitters, Alomo Bitters What makes Ruzu different?
Ruzu is a strong antioxidant which does not only mop up free radicals which cause organ damage but is also capable of reversing organ damage by repairing damaged cells. This is the reason why Ruzu appears to be able to effectively mediate in the treatment of many diseases. No other bitter I know does that. Ruzu is both preventive and curative depending on the illness in question. You can feel the healing effect of  Ruzu even under 24hrs in many cases
14 Someone  who is very close to 50yrs has not seen her menses over 4months now. Shall I advise her to take Ruzu or is that menopause period?
Does she want to see her period? If yes, pls go ahead and give Ruzu. I'm realizing how much of a rejuvenation Ruzu can do now.
15i  have received  full information that one elderly grand mother who has reached menopuase took Ruzu because of B p but now she has the flow of blood after so many years according to her it makes her weak, so pls ur advise.
Tell her to stop for one week. After one week, let's start her up with 1tablespoon once daily to start with.
16How can one product (Ruzu) be used to intervene in many health issues? I don't believe in the issue of 'gbogbonise'.
Almost all diseases have their origin and complications rooted in oxidative stress which Ruzu Bitters effectively ameliorates. It is then logical that since oxidative stress, which Ruzu deals checks has been implicated in the etiology of many diseases, Ruzu will keep these many diseases at bay.
17For people with ulcer. What's the difference between taking a glass of water before and after using Ruzu, and pouring Ruzu in Water and drink?
Putting Ruzu in 2 glasses of water before drinking and taking a glass of water immediately before and after taking Ruzu is almost one and the same in effect. The idea is to increase the pH of Ruzu and make it much less acidic. However, it may be more convenient to do the latter. Not many people are as gifted as I am to accommodate two glasses of water at once.
18Can someone with low blood sugar take ruzu? If yes, how do we get the best result from Ruzu? If no, any remedies?
Yes. Use as stipulated on label
19Can a hpb patient stop their drugs cos they are taking ruzu? Or should they take both ruzu and their drugs? Same question for other ailment.
People should not stop using their orthodox medicine while taking Ruzu. We advise that ruzu be taken early enough, say around 5-6am before meal and orthodox medicine could then be taken anytime from 2 hours after meal.
20Someone bought Ruzu & started using it, 2 days later, he started shitting blood. I was so afraid cos he said anytime he goes to the toilet, it is blood blood. What is d cause & why is it like that for him?
He is most likely an ulcer patient. He may not even be aware of his ulcer status.Tell him to stop for a week ONE two. When he resumes, he should take a glass of water immediately before and after taking Ruzu and he will be fine.
21Please could RUZU be effective in the treatment and management of heel pain?
Ruzu is generally effective on pains, any pain
22Pls how many Ruzu bitters will a person dat d anus is already out take for pile?
The rule of thumb is to make the person take the first 3 bottles uninterruptedly. If the issue is not completely fixed, it should be continued. Medical advice should however be sought.
23Please what is dosage for someone with over 10yrs Menstrual pain & fibroid?
When you buy paracetamol, what dose do you use? Who tells us the dose to use for amalar, septrin etc? It's always on the label. The label declaration on Ruzu says 20-40 ml to be taken twice daily. 20 ml or 2 tablespoons is for an average 70kg body weight human. You can then pro-rate for heavier body weights. So I will like a situation where people stop asking the question on what dose to use for specific ailments. Dose is not ailment specific. Apply as prescribed on the label pls.
24Someone who suffers waist pain years back took Ruzu and started stooling. She is down she can‘t help herself.
Weakness must have resulted from excessive diarrhea. I suspect this person had diarrhea before starting to take Ruzu. That's one of the contraindications on ruzu. The person should just keep off ruzu for about 3-7 days and use ORT to prevent excessive dehydration. Sprite may also be taken to urgently rehydrate.