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October 1, 2017
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Ancient Man depended on herbs for health. Before the advent of
technology, the man survived by creating decoctions and concoctions of
herbal poultice. Apothecarists and Botanists were almost
Quinine comes from Cinchona, Artemisinin comes from Artesia,
Penicillin comes from penicillium; from time immemorial, the global
flora and fauna have been the foundation of medications and drugs.
Even though several medications have evolved through medicinal
chemistry, and functional group enhancements into synthetic
formulations, some still remain in their original herbal form and are
still acceptable in Orthodox medicine. Senna for example still exists
as herbal leaves and is acceptable as a medication, likewise the age-old
Arachis oil!
The Asian communities have also done their bit to introduce the
global community to their world of herbal medication. Roots of Panax
Ginseng, for example, has found its way all around the world as an
adjunct to orthodox medicine and nutraceutical administration.
Several other herbs like St. John’s Wort, Valerian and peppermint are
also still in active use as adjuncts in Pharmaceutical administration,
maybe because they were used by Hippocrates: Yes, Hippocrates the
father of medicine was a Herbalist!
At this stage in history, the world is set for another unveiling of
previously unknown medicinal activity. Not from Europe where
Hippocrates hailed from, or from the Americas that was discovered by
the Europeans, or from Asia, which has recently become the
Jerusalem of Commerce and Innovation, but from a previously
unknown part of the globe, an area untouched until the 12th century. A
continent yet organic in the height of Industrialization and civilization.
Africa; not just Africa, but Sub-saharan Africa.
Sub-saharan Africa is the center of the new superfoods and medicinal
herbs. The continent where Cacao originates, feeding the world with
chocolates to date, and has yielded more to the world in health. Not
damaging calories like artificial sugar, but previously unknown
antioxidants that regenerate the whole body.
A new body of evidence is evolving, solving health challenges
previously unraveled for generations, just like cinchona created the
victory over malaria and saved lives in generations, and penicillium
created the victory over the bacterial infection, this started the then new
trend of medications called antibiotics. Today it looks like we can’t
survive without antibiotics. This same way, the solution to hitherto
unresolved non-communicable diseases are evolving from sub-Saharan
African flora.
Scientific evidence is growing that Diabetes can be subdued and
Cancer can be prevented, not necessarily by attacking an organ, but by
rejuvenating the cell and revolutionizing the whole Organism. (That’s
why some of these herbs are useful in several disease conditions). As
at now, we’ll stick with the word ‘antioxidant’ to describe the solution,
because that’s the best that science can explain. We believe we’ll
know more with time, but while we learn more, let’s live and not die.
While we seek more insight, it’s just humane to enjoy the solutions
and overcome the illness. What about the safety of the plants? We eat
herbs every day and don’t think about its safety, like Spinach, lettuce,
Corn etc. They nourish our bodies. We eat superfoods like Moringa
and enjoy the effect. Why are we scared of medicinal plants? How are
we sure they’re safe? Africans have eaten them for thousands of
years! What other reason? They’ve passed basic safety tests! Brine
shrimp test proved Non-toxic! What other excuse do you have to
prevent your patient from living longer by enjoying the benefits of the
herbal supplements below?

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