• Narrated by Temitope Akinyemi.
    A family friend introduced her to RUZU and advised her to take it first thing in the morning OR last thing at night. So, she decided to take it just before bedtime. Almost immediately after taking it, she said she felt needle pricks through her body; it was as if her body acknowledged that something was traveling through the veins and vessels. She slept and then woke up to use the restroom (she said she doesnít do that). Remarkably, she woke up in the morning with a burst of energy and much lighter. Particularly persistent was this cough she had battled for about 3 years. She had gone for Tuberculosis and HIV tests and they both tested negative. Within the same 7 days of taking the RUZU bitters, she coughed out some phlegm and the cough disappeared without a trace. Same with the arthritis pain, clogged brain, blurred vision, etc. With the excitement of how RUZU has worked for her, she has sold 8 cartons of RUZU within just over 2 weeks! She has gotten WELL and now is getting WEALTH! On behalf of Mrs Angela Ibekwe, Lagos.
    Narrated by Temitope Akinyemi.
  • Busayo Akanro, Lagos.
    DEWORMED A Teacher in my team put a small bottle of Ruzu in the bags of all her students to take home to their parents. One of the parents used it, and couldnít believe her eyes when she went to the toilet the next morning. The number of worms that came out of her faeces! Out of the total shock and relief, she packed the worms into a glass bottle and took them with her to the school to show and thank the teacher. She said she had been having stomach upset for years without understanding what was responsible. She was grateful.
    Busayo Akanro, Lagos.
  • Chinwe Chilakah, Port Harcourt
    This lady has not seen her period in 7 years. Sheís just 39 and the flow ceased since she was 32. She didnít know it was a medical challenge earlier, but since she knew she had tried all sorts. Nothing worked. She used Ruzu Herbal Bitters for 3 weeks, and her flow is back! She canít believe it! Too many testimonies of menstruation pain significantly reduced. The number of people who have shared testimonies about not having menstrual pains or not getting the normal pain warning signals is too much to document. Shared by too many ladies in too many meetings.
    Chinwe Chilakah, Port Harcourt
  • Mrs Odugbumka, Lagos
    I walked into my sister's home with a throbbing headache, migraine to be precise. My body temperature was high and my body shook almost visibly. My extremities (fingers and toes) had the feeling of needle pricks. Those symptoms werenít strange to me, I have battled them for close to 10 years; they were signs of high blood pressure. My sister who had told me about RUZU before and I shoved it aside offered me again. At this point, I had no option. I took a shot of RUZU. In less than 20mins, I felt as if cold water was poured on me. The headache and pains were gone and my body began to feel better, already! I promptly went to the rest room, eased myself and by the time I came out, I confessed that I had never recovered that fast to any anti-hypertensive in years! Now, I am a RUZU ambassador! Today I move with more speed and energy than I have done in years. I feel GREAT! Itís like my youth is being restored.
    Mrs Odugbumka, Lagos
  • Mrs Popoola, A pharmacist in Lagos
    She complained of severe vaginal infection with serious discharge and sores around the vagina. I gave her RUZU and she left. I haven't seen her since then. But something happened today, another customer walked in a few minutes ago and told me she wanted to buy Ruzu for her vaginal infection because a friend of hers told her the product worked for her and that she started seeing results from the second day of commencing Ruzu Herbal Bitters, that it was like magic!
    Mrs Popoola, A pharmacist in Lagos
  • Shakiru, Lagos
    My Yoruba tailor, Shakiru had an accident about 2years ago and broke his femur (the big thigh bone). He was taken from place to place to get it sorted but it was poorly done. Till date, he still uses a crutch and a walking stick, and the bone isn't well set, and as a result of that, heís been in constant pain! Heís had to rely permanently on someone to drive him around so as to minimize the walking around because of the pain. He came to my office to pick some clothes to sew (heís stopped sewing too, he just cuts and has guys who use the machines cos of his legs). As he made to leave after we concluded on style and cost, I gave him a bottle of RUZU to use. He came less than 2 weeks after to deliver my clothes. While at it, he told me 3 things RUZU had done within a week. Firstly, the pain that he had managed for 2years had greatly reduced.he came by public transport! Secondly, he said his sexual performance was seriously enhanced, he was wondering why I didnít tell him ahead that RUZU was that goodÖÖhe even joked that his wife must have gotten pregnant within the past one week! Yes, you heard right! It works well for erectile dysfunction and enhances libido (recommended for married people pls! lol) A neighbour of his who had come to see him, saw and used RUZU in his house, and kept coming to his house for the next 2days to take it, by the time he came the third day, he asked for it. Shakiru asked why, he said the thing works WELL for performanceî! He kept it away and told him to go buy his own! Thirdly, 2 days before then, his 4year old daughter complained seriously of a tummy ache and it was late at night. She was in pain and restless. He just gave her some RUZU and within minutes, she slept off till morning! She woke up in the morning running around the house like nothing had happened!
    Shakiru, Lagos
  • Mogaji, Lagos
    He has always been a sweet tooth; possibly like you who is reading this mail. Every meal or snack comes with a sugary drink or Soda. There was also a regular supply and consumption of sweets, chocolates and co. Then he heard about RUZU helping to detoxify the body of junk. He remembered that when his Dad clocked 50, he was diagnosed with Diabetes mainly because he was also a sweet tooth. He didnít want that experience. He knew somehow that he needed to PREVENT that; so he decided to get 2 bottles of RUZU for a start. On taking his first dose, the first ëput offí was the bitter taste! He passed through that and took the second dose. Within 24hrs, he had visited the toilet not less than 4 times. The junk was getting out of his system. He felt better in a lighter and different kind of way. Now, he has gotten his RUZU rhythm and takes it about thrice a week to cleanse his system, blood and internal organs so they can be a lot more effective. Many of us wait for things to happen to us and then we enter crisis management as regards our health. Letís prevent ill health by eating right and detoxifying regularly. Every sweet thing we consume does more harm than good.
    Mogaji, Lagos
  • Emeka Nwankwo, Lagos
    If you donít look into some areas, you never really know what happens there. Now people have real issues! And RUZU is coming to their rescue! I have come again! Do you know skin rash? I mean the kind of rash that covers the whole body, more like a stubborn allergy? Can you picture it? Itchy, really itchy! The kind of itchiness that your nails are insufficient to give the immediate satisfaction of scratching needed, the kind that peels the skin when you use any object in sight to scratch it? Now you get it! A woman had this skin issue all over her body and she was introduced to RUZU one evening. She took (drank) her first dose and by the next morning, the itching was GONE! She continued with it the next day and her skin has been clearing day after day. wow!
    Emeka Nwankwo, Lagos
  • Adeola Bankole-Olatunji, Lagos)
    She walked into the office for a health Insurance transaction via the A2W platform. She had white hair with tints of gold in it, a woman about 70years old. As she finished her transaction and made to leave the office, she drew my attention to her hair, and the part RUZU had to play in it. I was like WHAT??? No way! Hereís what she said. Her hair had been thinning out. I mean, thatís expected as people age. But then, she decided to TRY something. Apart from drinking it, she had been using RUZU as a hair conditioner after washing the hair with shampoo. She applied RUZU, left it for a few minutes and washed it off. In a number of weeks, her hair has filled out very noticeably. She was so excited she spoke and drew our attention to it. Wow! RUZU! Hair Growth!
    Adeola Bankole-Olatunji, Lagos)
  • Chinwe Chilakah from Port Harcourt
    Ruzu raised a man that was almost gone in Bayelsa. He could not talk nor move his legs and hand, taking Ruzu in less than 1 day the man raised his hand and today he is walking, an old man under Mummygold in Bayelsa. Today the man's children ordered for 9 cartons of Ruzu.
    Chinwe Chilakah from Port Harcourt
  • Mary Oguntuase
    I wasnít a firm believer in Herbal Bitters, and I really wondered why A2W was making all the fuss about Ruzu Herbal Bitters. I was equally surprised that my up line, a pharmacist was so passionate about driving it. I reluctantly decided to buy some. What has changed my view are the people I sold it to. I have countless testimonies, but the one that shocks me the most was of a family friends stroke patient. A Stroke patient with different complications, she was in a bad state. It was bad enough that she couldnít get up to obey natureís call and she bed wet and messes up her bed. What was WORSE was that her vision had been affected; she couldnít even recognize her daughter anymore! She was in that state, when they started giving her Ruzu. When nothing else seems to work, there is nothing you wouldnít try. 2weeks after she started using RUZU, her daughter called me, screaming that Mama could now get up to obey natureís call. More importantly, she now recognized her, and even CALLED HER NAME! At the point when her name dropped from Mamaís mouth, she broke down in tears. Listening to her I shared some tears too. Mama was dying, but mama is back to life. Thanks to Natures pure miracle.
    Mary Oguntuase
  • Moses Akinfe, Lagos
    A Pastor in Lagos had stroke, and one of his friends and church members paid for 2 bottles on his behalf and asked me to go supply him. When I got to his house I was asked to go into his bedroom to give it to him. He had not been in church for a few years, and had been in his room. After using Ruzu Herbal Bitters for 2 weeks, he ordered for more. When I went to supply this time, I was told to wait for him in the living room. I couldnít believe my eyes as he walked out himself to collect it. After another 2 weeks, when he called my colleague to order for a carton. I got curious and called his member to ask how ìBABAî was doing. He screamed that Baba went to church on Sunday; his first time in years! Wow! Wow! Wow!!!
    Moses Akinfe, Lagos
  • Adeolu Akinyemi
    This testimony is personal to a friend of mine. He simply confides in me that His wife is pregnant, and itís been 5yrs of waiting. The only thing they have done differently is Ruzu Herbal Bitters. They had some complication, but Ruzu has come in very useful.
    Adeolu Akinyemi
  • Isaac
    Thereís this guy who has had gonorrhea and has been treating it for a while. He was marketed RUZU bitters by someone he's known for a while and saw that it could help with Sexually Transmitted Diseases. He stylishly bought it under the guise of wanting to use it for something else 2 Days later, he called back to confide in the person who sold to him about how RUZU bitters has helped him in his condition. He said heís doing GRREEAAT now! Testimony 2: There is also a guy who has had recurrent gonorrhea for 17 years. In those 17 years he had never woken up with an erection. This changed after just 24 hours of using Ruzu Herbal Bitters.
  • Shared by Adekunle Alashi
    My mum has diabetes, her blood sugar is high, and the doctors have with their recommendations taken her off all her favourite food. ìDonít eat this, donít eat thatî, and a pack of expensive medication is the way she has managed this condition for years. Her blood sugar had consistently been above 200. She hears about Ruzu Herbal Bitters from me, and decided to test it out. To ensure this works, she decided to give herself about 2 weeks to test the product. While using the bitters, she decided to eat all her forbidden foods, just to see if this really works. When she got back to the hospital to check her blood sugar, it was at an all time low. The doctor simply told her, whatever it is you have been doing, you need to continue doing! She also feels much better, and healthier.
    Shared by Adekunle Alashi
  • Johnson Ajayi, Ibadan
    This happened to a Branch Manager in a Bank. He had been wearing slippers to work for over 2 years. He had a wound on his feet that wouldnít just heal, a condition that is regular with Diabetic patients. He had tried all sorts! This difficult wound had been a major issue for him for years, as it means he canít go for meetings, and really has to limit where he shows up officially. He saw a broadcast on Ruzu Herbal Bitters and decided to give it a try. In less than 7 days, the unhealed wound healed up and his back to using his shoes again. For him, Ruzu Herbal Bitters is Natures pure miracle.
    Johnson Ajayi, Ibadan
  • Mrs Ghaneeyyah
    I'm a bronchial asthmatic and allergic to anything menthol, mint, Baba blue, Robb, Vicks, Aboliki, Chinese balm, Toothpaste, Chewing gum & Sweet with even the slightest mint or menthol flavour, etc. Even smelling them from afar was enough to trigger an immediate asthmatic attack! So is carrying heavy stuff or climbing a flight of stairs. But I can happily say that since I have started taking Ruzu in the last week of June, I have not had an attack! God be praised! In fact, I was able to go on an International flight without any emergency (when to even go on a 1-hr flight within Nigeria was never without trepidation and a sure attack!
    Mrs Ghaneeyyah
  • Adeolu Akinyemi
    I got a call from a Bishop, who called to let me know that he was happy about the Ruzu Herbal Bitters. That he's not used any medication in 30 years, but in 2 days of using Ruzu Herbal Bitters, he can see the difference and his wife can too. They have decided to buy 2 cartons and went ahead to introduce it to their church members. They organized a meeting with 100 people within 2 days of use.
    Adeolu Akinyemi
  • Undefined
    A family friend whose mum has been down for a while due to high blood pressure complications sent in this testimony. The doctor had tried a few things that were not working, so she had been advised to prepare for dialysis, and she was already preparing for that. Two Sundays ago, she was given RUZU. Two weeks after while the daughter was in church, her mother called her to request for another bottle. She told her excitedly that the RUZU was working! She had gone to the doctor just before then and he also confirmed positive changes in her health. The Scheduled Dialysis was put on hold!
  • Nkeiruka Akwarandu, Lagos.
    A Pastors wife in Bayelsa dances to the front singing 'What the lord has done for me, I cannot tell it all'. She came to testify that her husband had not touched her in years due to erectile dysfunction. Itís been a prayer point for years. She is thanking God publicly for the victory. Her husband had been using Ruzu for a few days and He's back!
    Nkeiruka Akwarandu, Lagos.
  • Mr Ogunlana, Ota.
    (Please note that this is real, itís not fiction, and the characters are just masked) This is a phone conversation between someone who purchased RUZU and the person who he bought it from. The client is highly ranked. Take a look. The phone rings and the seller picks: Client: Hello (In low tones) Distributor: Hello Sir Client: You sold me RUZU bitters.......you have no idea what you have done for me. God will bless you/3x. The God that i serve will bless you.... After a few Amens, the distributor kept quiet. Then the narration began. Client: Ah, you have just given me my marriage back! Distributor: How sir? Client: Hmm, today is the first time I am experiencing an erection in the last 5yrs. I am calling you from my office toilet right now, getting set to go home from here. Ah! God bless you. Distributor: Wow! thank God sir. Wow! How many marriages exist that are really dead but appear to be alive? RUZU is rekindling lives and marriages; giving people zest and excitement again.
    Mr Ogunlana, Ota.
  • Ola (Benin)
    I recently heard a man who has a high threshold for getting drunk say that since he started taking RUZU, whereas he'll take up to 10 bottles of beer before getting drunk, he gets very tipsy on 2 bottles! His appetite for beer has waned! As if that wasnít enough, as he shared his story with his friends who his wife sold RUZU to, they also shared the same experience!How Come??? I'm sure you want to know. Since RUZU does a good work of cleaning the system, it clears out the layers of resistance that several years of taking beer has created. Now, the system is cleaner and more sensitive, itís reacting quicker to toxins and that explains these menís reactions. Get for all the men and women in your life who need to clean up!
    Ola (Benin)
  • Sunday Ehiagwina (Benin)
    I have had some pain at my lower waist back area for the past 20 years. I have done several X rays but the doctor told me nothing serious was there. I was given a bottle of RUZU by a teacher friend and after using RUZU for a few days, the pain of 20 years disappeared. Wow!!! I also had a serious pain I have been suffering deep inside my mouth, around my "molar teeth" area. It got so serious that it was swelling outwards and I couldn't speak properly. This pain also disappeared and the swelling came down after using RUZU for some time. I give God the glory!
    Sunday Ehiagwina (Benin)

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